Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

Did you know…

After the final curtain calls were taken at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the stats worked out, it was discovered that 3,269 shows gave delighted audiences 50,266 performances in 294 quirky venues around the city.

The Fringe Society also announced they sold over 2.4 million tickets.

Can you believe that.

In three weeks.  And that’s an increase on last year’s performance numbers.

Pay What You Want

And we can’t forget over 600 free shows and street performances just like the ladies in these photographs.

Alice in Wonderland street performer EdinburghAnd over 160 “pay what you want” shows that also took place. Yes YOU decide what you think the show is worth and pay accordingly.

It’s a brilliant ploy. And it works too.

You end up paying way more than the original ticket would have cost.


Because if the show was a great experience and good fun, they realize you – the audience – will be experiencing that “feel good” fuzzy feeling which makes you feel happy and generous, so you pay more.  As I said, “Brilliant.”


Plan Your Visit Now
White lady Edinburgh Fringe
If you’ve never been to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, now is the time to plan a visit.  You have to visit.  It’s the only way to experience the atmosphere, enthusiasm, energy and buzz.  And that’s just from the audiences.  The performers are in a league of their own.

Venues range from a two person private performance in the back of a van to several hundreds outdoors. And includes every manner of venue you can imagine.

Next year is the 70th anniversary.  HUGE celebrations, events and performances are in the planning for 2017.

Just don’t expect to get much sleep.

Put these dates in your diary now:  04-28 Aug 2017

Bookmark the Fringe site  for tickets and the 2017 program which will be launched at the beginning of June.

Fringe Crowds Edinburgh

Image credits: Author, Pixaby, Sailor




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